Female Showbiz Personality Spoiled by Rich Boyfriend with Bodyguards, Brand New Car

The love story of the female showbiz personality and her rich boyfriend

BLIND ITEM – A female showbiz personality is being spoiled by her rich boyfriend with bodyguards and a brand-new car.

showbiz personality and rich boyfriend
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A blind item is a news story, usually in a gossip column, in which the facts of the situation are reported but the identities of those involved are not revealed.

In the latest blind item of PEP, the entertainment website featured the story of a showbiz personality and her rich boyfriend.

One indication of the rich boyfriend’s love for the female celebrity is the abrupt lifestyle change she experiences. Her boyfriend is not just rich but an influential person as well.

As a gift, she received a brand new expensive car and aside from that, she has bodyguards with her when she goes to the set of the program she is a part of.

In fact, when she had a disagreement with a staff member, the bodyguards intervened, so her coworkers in that program learned to be cautious around the female showbiz personality.

But the female personality is honest with her friends about her relationship with the influential man.

Reportedly, the boyfriend of the showbiz personality has plans to work in the industry. His girlfriend will definitely gain from the plan if it materializes. She will undoubtedly land new projects, which will open the door for her to receive the recognition she has long desired in the industry of which she is a part.

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