British Blogger Reacts to “Astronaut Food Pill” of Rep. Marcoleta

Here’s the reaction of a British blogger to the suggestion of Rep. Marcoleta about an astronaut food pill.

RODANTE MARCOLETA – A British blogger was compelled to respond to the news that the Sagip party list was advocating for an “Astronaut Food Pill” for the underprivileged.

Marcoleta on astronaut food pill
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In the confirmation hearing of Renato Solidum Jr., the secretary of the Department of Science and Technology. Marcoleta questioned the government’s top scientist about the viability of developing a “pill” that would keep a Filipino from going hungry for months.

According to Marcoleta, astronauts are not eating for months while they’re in space. He said: “I’m thinking aloud na kung sakali pong makaimbento tayo nung kinakain nila, ibibigay ko po sa mga mahihirap na kababayan natin. Even for months hindi sila kakain, hindi sila mamatay.”

Marcoleta claimed a “food pill” might be able to alleviate the nation’s hunger issues. Contrary to Marcoleta’s claims, astronauts do not consume pills while in space; instead, they eat dehydrated or preserved food that can be stored for months.

His statement sparked discussion online and among those who reacted is British blogger Malcolm Conlan. “Would you EVER consider going out to a restaurant or going out for a meal and sitting there chewing on a pill, while your fellow diners tuck into a delicious meal?” he asked.

Malcolm Conlan suggested that Marcoleta concentrates on how the government would provide ‘healthy’ meals for the underprivileged. Conlan thought it was wrong to deprive Filipinos of access to normal food. Here’s his Facebook post:

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