Bettinna Carlos Receives Message From Husband On Her 35th Birthday

Bettinna Carlos received a birthday message from her husband.

BETTINNA CARLOS – The content creator received a message from her husband Mikki Eduardo on her 35th birthday.

Bettinna Carlos
Photo: Bettinna Carlos / Instagram

Bettinna celebrated her 35th birthday last December 25.

On Instagram, Bettinna posted a series of photos with her family to mark this year’s Christmas day and her 35th birthday as well.

In the caption of her social media post, she shared that it can come to a point where she has nothing more to wish for on her special day. She also said that December 25, 2022 was her “Happiest Birthday and Christmas by far”.

Pwede palang dumating sa punto na ‘wala ka nang mawiwish pa….’” she wrote in the caption of her social media post. “Happiest Birthday and Christmas by far now that we’re 4.

Her husband also took to social media to mark her special day.

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On Instagram, Mikki posted a video of his wife carrying their baby outside their house. He also wrote a message for her to mark her 35th birthday.

Happy birthday to lovey mommy gorlami,” Mikki Eduardo wrote in the caption of his social media post. “Sana makatulog ka na ng mahimbing amidst the all day all night tiktoktilaok.

Prior to her birthday, she looked back on the blessings she and her family received from the Lord this year. The content creator also opened up about how her daughter Gummy “LEGALLY became an EDUARDO through adoption”.

At that time, Bettinna said that her husband had to adopt her daughter as marriage doesn’t make her automatically their legitimate child. She also shared that they had to go through court processes.

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