Angelica Yap Almost Got Hit by Bottle Thrown During Skusta Clee’s Concert

During the concert of Skusta Clee, Angelica Yap almost got hit by a bottle thrown by the audience

ANGELICA YAP – The social media influencer is making rounds online after she almost got hit by a bottle thrown during the concert of Skusta Clee.

Angelica Yap
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Bottling is an action in which members of the audience throw various objects at the performers onstage. This is common at festivals when one act in the lineup is of a different genre or audience than the rest of the bands, especially at festivals where the majority of bands are associated with heavy metal and punk rock music styles.

While most bottling involves empty or full bottles of water, bottles containing urine are also common. Other thrown items have included garden furniture, mud, fireworks, broken glass, shoes, dead animals, and molotov cocktails (both unlit and lit).

Speaking of, Angelica Yap is currently making rounds online after she almost got hit by a bottle thrown during the concert of Skusta Clee. Yap, her boyfriend Flow G, and Jroa were among those who graced the recent concert of the rapper in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.

According to the organizer of the said concert, some concert-goers were involved in an altercation with the security personnel on the side of the stage and it so happened that Angelica was talking when they started to throw bottles.

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Fortunately, the situation was pacified and the show continued after the concert-goers who started the conflict left the scene. The scene was captured on camera and is viral now on the video-sharing platform, TikTok. Angelica Yap aka Pastillas Girl has yet to give any statement regarding the incident.

Meanwhile, Angelica, a renowned social media influencer and content creator rose to stardom through a segment (Nasaan ka Mr. Pastillas?) on the noontime program, It’s Showtime, in 2015. At the time, she was popular as Pastillas Girl.

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