A Bed Of Roses Meaning & Sentence Examples

A Bed Of Roses Definition, Sentence Examples

A BED OF ROSES MEANING – Find out what a bed of roses really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

The idiom “a bed of roses” originates in England and is quite an old expression. One of the oldest instances can be found in a poem by Christopher Marlowe (also known as Kit Marlowe) titled “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love,” which was released in 1599 after the author’s death.



  • easy choice
  • a relaxing or opulent stance
  • a simple, joyful condition
  • opulent situations
  • a trouble-free way of life

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Here are examples of sentences that use a bed of roses:

  1. How can you make your life a bed of roses without working very hard?
  2. My uncle told me that he wants to live in a bed of roses without hard work. Winning the Jackpot made his dream come true.
  3. Before cutting ties with my family, my life was a bed of roses because my dad did everything for me.
  4. Life in Philippines is not a bed of roses.

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