Ruru Madrid Says He Became More Inspired To Join Showbiz When He Met Bianca Umali

Ruru Madrid: “Gustung-gusto ko maging artista kasi gusto ko siya maka-partner.”

RURU MADRID — The Kapuso actor said that he became more inspired to join the showbiz industry when he met actress Bianca Umali.

Ruru Madrid
Photo: Ruru Madrid / Instagram

The actor, who is celebrating his 10th year in the showbiz industry, said that he always wanted to be an actor since he was young. However, the actor admitted that his motivation for pursuing an acting career is Bianca Umali.

Ruru admitted in an interview on Kalurks that he got more inspired to be part of showbiz industry when he met the actress.

Nagpunta siya sa school namin, yung Tropang Pochi nagpunta sa school namin, ‘tapos, nakita ko si Bianca, grade five ako, sabi ko, ‘Ang ganda naman nito,’” Ruru recalled. “Tapos gustung-gusto ko maging artista kasi gusto ko siya maka-partner. Yun yung parang naging motivation ko nung mga panahon na yun para maging artista ako.

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The actor previously confirmed that he’s been in a relationship with the actress for 4 years and that both of them are not seeing other people aside from each other.

Meanwhile, the actor appreciated his girlfriend when she did a surprised visit while he was taping “Running Man PH” in South Korea. Ruru said that he’s already homesick for the Philippines at that time and wanted to go home already when he was called by their executive producer.

According to him, their executive producer and writers were all there and speaking to him when he felt someone tap his shoulder and saw his partner there when he turned around.

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