Piolo Pascual Reveals He Felt “Empty” After All His Showbiz Successes

Piolo Pascual Speaks on Time When his Showbiz Success Gotten to his Head

PIOLO PASCUAL – The Actor-Producer revealed that there was a time when after all of his successes in showbiz, he felt empty.

One of the most successful personalities in the showbiz industry in the Philippines is in-demand actor Piolo Pascual. From being an actor, he has expanded his skills to become a producer and now a businessman who runs several businesses.

Piolo and Kathryn Bernardo have just recently opened their resort in El Nido, Palawan. It is a 42-room resort they named “Isla Amara” which also houses his paintings. He loves to paint but he does not sell them but instead placed it at their newly-opened resort.

Piolo Pascual has already been part of theatre, music, and film and now he is into visual arts. He keeps on painting to better his skills. Indeed, many more things came to him even after his huge success in showbiz.

Piolo Pascual
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However, Piolo Pascual admitted that despite his showbiz successes, there was a time when he felt empty. Speaking to Korina Sanchez for a vlog interview, the actor-businessman admitted that there was a time when his successes in showbiz has gotten to his head and he felt that he really deserved it and it is because of what he is doing.

“And good thing, I understood that, I realized that early on because after all nung mga accolades, after all nung mga victories and successes, I felt empty,” the actor said.

According to Piolo, his family is one of those who keeps him grounded. Whenever he is at home, they do not treat him as a celebrity and they can still make a request to him. The actor stressed that his family is not feeding his ego.

Furthermore, during the vlog interview, Piolo Pascual expressed that the showbiz industry also taught him not to bring work at home. According to him, he treats work as it is and after his work in front of the cameras, he is back to his natural self.

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