Netizen Expresses Disappointment Over ‘Bogus’ Gasoline Station

‘Bogus’ gasoline station in Bacolod?

BOGUS GASOLINE STATION? – A netizen took to the social networking site, Facebook wherein he expressed his disappointment about an allegedly “bogus” gasoline station in Bacolod City.

bogus gasoline station
Photo credit to the owner (This is not the original photo as per post)

In a lengthy post on the Bacolod City Buy and Sell Group, John River Ferrer stated that they went to the gas station to fill their vehicle with gasoline worth 500 pesos.

He claimed that the gasoline boy filled and closed the tank in a matter of seconds.

Shocked, Ferrer checked the gauge and discovered that no gas had been added to his tank.

He then reached out to the security guard and the pump attendant who supposedly loaded his vehicle.

They had a short argument about it but Ferrer chose to end their discussion and fled.

While they were at the Libertad Public Market, their vehicle stopped due to empty gas.

This made him believe that the gasoline boy did not fill his tank despite paying for it.

According to him, 500 pesos is just a small amount but it’s already huge for him.

He then went to another gas station to fill up his vehicle.

When he returned to the first gas station, which he claimed was “bogus,” he saw a motorcycle rider complaining about paying 200 pesos to fill his motorcycle, but nothing was added up.

Ferrer said that the gasoline station did not take any action despite the fact that two people had already complained about the same incident.

He’s also hoping that the owner of the said station would take action on the matter.

In the last part of his post, he explained that he posted the incident to warn other motorists.

Note: The original post has been deleted. However, was able to secure a screenshot of the post except for the photo of the gasoline station.

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