Neri and Chito Miranda Open Up About Their Adopted Daughter

Neri and Chito Miranda shared how they’re in the process of legally adopting their daughter.

NERI AND CHITO MIRANDA – The celebrity couple recently opened up about their adopted daughter, Pia.

Neri and Chito Miranda
Photo: Neri Miranda / Instagram

In Karen Davila’s latest YouTube vlog, the couple shared how they’re in the process of legally adopting their daughter. They also opened up about their growing family and how it’s been ever since Pia came into their lives.

According to Chito, it’s important for them to legally adopt Pia to “avoid confusion”. He also said that Pia was a good sister to her siblings Miggy and Cash.

Sa akin important because para lang to avoid confusion. When I told her na we wanted to be her legal [guardians] parang siya, ‘Finally I can call you daddy’ parang yun na importante sa akin,” Chito shared. “Everything else is just for formalities pero yun talaga yung goal ko, I just want her to be ours. She’s such a good ate kay Miggy pati kay Cash.

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Chito also mentioned that their “Ate P” is a blessing to them, and he can’t wait for her to carry his surname.

Both Neri Naig-Miranda and Chito Miranda noted that Pia has been their daughter ever since they met her. Their daughter was never different from her two siblings who have treated her as their older sister.

Aside from this, the couple gave a tour of Miranda’s Resthouse and also talked about the different business ventures they invested in. The couple also shared how important it is to save up for the future of their family.

Neri and Chito got married in a garden wedding in December 2014.

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