Maxene Magalona Speaks On Her Self-Healing Journey

Maxene Magalona: “This is why we should NEVER get ahead of ourselves in our healing journey.”

MAXENE MAGALONA – The actress recently spoke about her self-healing journey as she gave an update after moving into her own apartment.

Maxene Magalona
Photo: Maxene Magalona / Instagram

To recall, it was last October 31 when she shared on her social media account that she moved out of their marital home and into her new apartment.

Move on, move out and move forward,” she wrote at that time. “When something ‘negative’ is happening in your life, approach the situation with love and kindness. God is with you every step of the way.

Recently, she gave a trigger warning to her followers in her social media post as she narrated what has been happening to her lately. The actress shared that she went through her self-healing journey.

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Sharing photos on her social media account, the actress said that she went and had another embarrassing episode where she “overthink + overreact” out of nowhere.

Maxene also revealed why she has been getting triggered lately. According to her, she hasn’t been able to regularly practice her meditation and yoga ever since she moved back into her own apartment.

The actress noted that she wanted to post on social media in order for her to give herself a confidence boost on her self-healing journey. She also reassured her social media followers that she’s doing fine and what she’s experiencing is only a setback.

Maxene recently confirmed her separation with husband Rob Mananquil and has since been chronicling on social media her healing journey.

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