Kris Aquino Pays Tribute To Her Late Father On His 90th Birthday

Kris Aquino to her late father: “In heaven you celebrated your 90th birthday.”

KRIS AQUINO – The media personality recently paid tribute to her late father, former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., on his 90th birthday.

Kris Aquino
Photo: Kris Aquino / Instagram

It was last November 27 when the Aquino family and the Ninoy & Cory Aquino Foundation (NCAF) commemorated the 90th birth anniversary of late Senator Ninoy Aquino.

In a video message posted on Ninoy & Cory Aquino Foundation Facebook page, Ninoy’s grandchild Kiko Dee thanked the public on behalf of the family for joining the celebration.

Recently, Kris posted on Instagram a photo of her as a child wearing a shirt printed with her father’s face. She shared that she only experienced having him as her father for three years and three months and yet he gave her so much of him.

Kris also reminisced about the times she bonded with her father when the Aquino family lived in exile. According to her, her father was the first to believe that her childhood dreams would come true.

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Meanwhile, Kris shared that her genetic testing cleared her for all types of cancer, but 2 of her “life threatening” autoimmune issues have an effect on blood flow, heart, and lung function.

She went on to ask a rhetorical question to her father.

Dad, just a rhetorical question- bakit pati yung cardiovascular problems mo minana ko?” she asked. “My genetic testing cleared me for all types of cancer (thank you God) but 2 of my life threatening autoimmune issues have an effect on blood flow, heart, and lung function.

To recall, Kris is currently in the United States undergoing treatment for several autoimmune diseases.

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