House Painter Paints Shadow of Perspective Layout: “Yung sobra masunudin ng pintor mo”

Beautiful mistake? A house painter paints the shadow of a perspective layout

SHADOW EFFECT? – A house painter painted even the shadow of a perspective layout of a house.

“Perspective” is derived from the Latin word perspicere, which means “to see through.” This definition already gives us some hints that will aid us in understanding one of the most important concepts in architecture.

In architectural drawing, perspective refers to the representation of three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional (flat) surface. This recreates the observer’s position relative to the object and displays the depth of the objects.

Speaking of perspective, a house painter was so meticulous that he painted the shadow of a house’s perspective layout. The photo, which was shared on several Facebook pages, including The Fifth Arches, depicts the outcome of a house painting job versus the perspective layout.

The uploader noted: “yung sobra masunudin ng pintor mo, pati shadow ng perspective kuhang kuha.” As expected, the post generated mixed reactions from the netizens, especially from people with a background in architecture. Here are the comments of some netizens:

Some internet users defended the house painter, claiming that the “honest mistake” added design to the house. Netizens speculated on who might be to blame for the house paint job’s failure. Others stressed that the painter should not be blamed for the outcome of the house.

Meanwhile, a house painter or decorator is a tradesperson who is in charge of painting and decorating buildings. Painting has two purposes: to enhance a building’s appearance and to safeguard it from harm caused by water, corrosion, insects, and mold.

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