Gasoline Stations Confirm these Oil Price Rollbacks Set for Tuesday

Gasoline Stations To Implement Oil Price Rollback on Tuesday

GASOLINE STATIONS – Several fuel stations confirmed the oil price rollbacks set for Tuesday, November 29, 2022.

A lot of Filipinos are affected by the changes in the prices of diesel, gasoline, and kerosene because many people go to school or work through public commute or a private vehicle on a daily basis.

Most of those who are greatly affected by a rise in the prices of oil prices are private vehicle owners and public utility vehicle (PUV) drivers. This year, there were weeks when fuel prices were so high that PUV drivers sought help from the government. Fuel vouchers were released to PUV drivers to help them amid the high costs of diesel, gasoline, and kerosene.

Then, the tension between Ukraine and Russia was cited as one of the contributors in the global oil problem.

Meanwhile, the rollbacks have helped pull the prices of fuel down. The energy officials reiterate the costs of oil products are really market-based.

Gasoline Stations
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Previously, the energy officials expressed its forecast that oil prices will drop this week. Several gasoline stations have already confirmed the oil price rollback as of today.

Usually, gasoline stations make the announcement on the changes in oil prices Monday and implement it by Tuesday. Based on a report on GMA News, as of this writing, here are the fuel stations that have confirmed the oil price rollback for tomorrow, November 29:

Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp (starting 6 a.m.)

  • Gasoline – P0.85 per liter
  • Diesel – P3.95 per liter
  • Kerosene – P2.95 per liter

CleanFuel (starting 12:01 a.m.)

  • Gasoline – P0.85 per liter
  • Diesel – P3.95 per liter

PetroGazz (starting 6 a.m.)

  • Gasoline – P0.85 per liter
  • Diesel – P3.95 per liter


The upcoming rollback marks the 2nd straight drop in the price of gasoline and the 6th drop for diesel and kerosene. The decrease in oil demand in other countries most especially China was cited as the reason behind.

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