Female Dog Pranks Male Dog by ‘Playing Dead’

Dog pranks another dog

BEST ACTRESS – A video of a dog pranking another dog by “playing dead” has gone viral, garnering mixed reactions from netizens.

dog playing dead
Credit: Facebook/screengrab

The dog is one of the world’s most common and popular domestic animals. It has lived with humans for over 12,000 years as a hunting companion, protector, object of scorn or adoration, and friend, which is why they are considered “man’s best friend.”

Dogs are regarded differently in different parts of the world. They are used as guards, beasts of burden, or even food in some parts of the world, whereas dogs are protected and admired in the United States and Europe. On the other hand, they were considered sacred in ancient Egypt during the reign of the pharaohs.

Some dogs can also perform tricks. There were canines who know how to play dead, a classic dog trick in which the dog owner gives a signal and the dog flops onto their side with their belly exposed.

Meanwhile, a video of a dog “playing dead” on another dog has gone viral, eliciting mixed reactions from netizens. It was only recently that a certain Rose Abarias Latorre took to Facebook and posted a video of a male canine who wanted to “score” a female dog that appears to be no longer moving.

The male dog then attempted to drag the female canine. The dog, however, abruptly rose and walked away, leaving the brown canine alone. The video has already received over 2 million views as of this writing. Watch the video below:

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