Coleen Garcia Speaks On Possibility Of Having Second Baby

Coleen Garcia: “It’s a good time, it’s a good time naman. But …”

COLEEN GARCIA – The actress recently spoke about the possibility of having a second baby and also shared her realizations after giving birth to baby Amari.

Coleen Garcia
Photo: Coleen Garcia / Instagram

Coleen is still in France with her husband Billy Crawford and their daughter Amari.

She accompanied her husband to France when he joined “Dancing with the Stars” France where he and his dance partner Fauve Hautot became the grand champion of the reality dance competition show.

We’ll be here siguro until first week of December,” Coleen said at the digital conference of the movie “Kaluskos”.

The actress hasn’t made movies often since she became the mother of baby Amari. According to her, taking care of their eldest child is more of a priority at the moment.

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Coleen Garcia was also asked if she and her husband have any plans to having another child. The actress told PUSH that it’s a “good time” to have another child but it’s “still up to God pa rin at the end of the day”.

She also shared her realizations after giving birth to baby Amari. According to the actress, raising a child is not easy.

Ang sa akin kasi, gusto ko lang matutukan si Amari and I feel like if we have another child now, doable naman, manageable naman, pero the way na natututukan namin siya ngayon, iba kasi talaga,” the actress shared.

Previously premiered at the 2022 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival, “Kaluskos” is under the direction of Roman Perez Jr. and there will be a theatrical release on December 7, 2022.

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