Butch Warren Hojas – Construction Worker Who Graduated Cum Laude, CPA Top 10

Story of Butch Warren Hojas

BUTCH WARREN HOJAS – After 11 years of working as a construction worker, he never thought he would finish college and become a board topnotcher.

Butch Warren Hojas
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Butch ranked 10 in the October 2022 Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination with a rating of 87.50 percent.

He finished his Bachelor of Science in Accountancy at the University of the Visayas-Cebu City this year as cum laude.

He shared his success story in an article published by a review center on October 26.

“I am 32 years old already. Noong una, akala ko hindi na talaga ako makakapag-college. Nasa construction ako for seven years, kasama na ang four years abroad,” he said.

“I was out-of-school for 11 years already. Baka kinakalawang na yung utak ko,” he added.

Having his own family motivated him to pursue his studies.

Like other college students, Butch encountered lots of problems, especially during the pandemic.

He even considered dropping out when his wife gave birth during his final year of college.

But he didn’t give up on his dream because he believed he was on the verge of realizing it.

When Butch graduated and was preparing for the board exam, his wife asked his mother-in-law to take care of their baby, so he could focus on the review.

Eventually, he was able to pass the board exam and landed as topnotcher.

Meanwhile, it was on May 29, 2021, during his third-year college when Butch won the virtual Search for the Outstanding Accounting Students of the Philippines (SOASP).

He defeated the other 437 students from 93 universities and colleges. At the time, he received a plaque of recognition and 50,000 pesos as a prize.

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