Bianca Manalo Mourns Death Of Her Pet Dog

Bianca Manalo: “I have never cried this much since my dad passed.”

BIANCA MANALO – The beauty queen-turned-actress recently took to social media to announce the passing of her pet dog, Pillow.

Bianca Manalo
Photo: Bianca Manalo / Instagram

Bianca shared how devastated and heartbroken she is over the passing of her pet dog, Pillow. She treated her pet dog as if he’s her own son.

The beauty queen-turned-actress paid tribute to her pet who died last November 9. According to her, the sudden passing of her pet hurt too much that she couldn’t do her usual routine.

Bianca also revealed that she has never been this emotional since her father died in 2015.

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As seen in the photos posted on her social media account, Bianca shared different memories of her and her pet throughout the years they have been together. Despite being heartbroken over the news about the passing of her dog, she bid farewell to her pet and hoped that Pillow would be somewhere nice.

Go find daddy Rod there in heaven. I can’t stop crying. Our home sure feels different without you here anymore. Rest well my Pillow boy. Mommy loves you very very very much,” Bianca wrote in the caption of her social media post.

Among those who have sent their condolences in the comments section of her social media post were Melissa Ricks, Pia Cayetano, Phoemela Baranda, and Jasmine Maierhofer.

Meanwhile, the beauty queen-turned-actress shared on her Instagram Stories a post from TiktoClock wherein she appeared as a guest co-host of the said show.

My Pillow boy, today’s show was for you! I’m still thinking about you,” she captioned her post on Instagram Stories.

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