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Beat The Air Definition, Sentence Examples

BEAT THE AIR MEANING – Find out what beat the air really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

The idiom “beat the air” was first used in the late 1300s. People used this expression to create a vivid picture of a person who flails away at nothing.

Over time, the idiom has been used a lot in literature. Hans Christian Andersen used it in “The Bell,” and Martin Luther uses it in Epistle Sermons, Volume II when he says: “They fail, however, to see they race uncertainly and beat the air.”



  • fighting for no reason at all.
  • continuing to make fruitless efforts.
  • keep going with what you’re doing despite it being useless
  • make vain attempts.
  • making vain efforts
  • go up against a fictitious foe.

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Here are examples of sentences that use beat the air:

  1. Lance had made up his mind, so convincing him to stay was just beating the air.
  2. Forgiving a criminal in the hope that he will change is beating the air; he should be in prison.
  3. You are just beating the air if you want to turn her into a good girl.
  4. Nancy will not see through the progressive agenda; she is only beating the air.

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