ANGEL-NEIL-MAXENE ISSUE – Cristy Fermin Reacts

Here’s the reaction of Cristy Fermin on the issue of Angel Locsin, Neil Arce, and Maxene Magalona

CRISTY FERMIN – The showbiz veteran has reacted to the issue involving Angel Locsin, Neil Arce, and Maxene Magalona.

Angel, Neil, Maxene and Cristy Fermin
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Angel and Neil are currently making the rounds on the internet. Rumors circulated that their relationship was on the rocks. However, the couple maintained their silence despite the questioning of netizens and even social media personalities.

Neil’s ex-girlfriend, Maxene Magalona, was dragged into their alleged relationship problem. In the midst of the controversy, Maxene took to Instagram and posted a quote stating that most things do not deserve attention.

Showbiz veteran Cristy Fermin has reacted to the issue. In the latest episode of “Cristy Ferminute”, she and her co-host Rommel Chika gave their opinion on the controversial issue which involved Angel, Neil, and Maxene. Watch the video below:

According to Fermin, the public should not jump to conclusions. “Hay naku, hindi po natin alam ‘yung mga vlogs na naglalabas ngayon ng ganitong mga balita. Hintayin po muna natin na magsalita ang mag-asawa para magkaroon po ng saysay at linaw ang kwentong ito,” Fermin said.

In recent weeks, many people have been wondering where Angel has been. She is well-known for her work in assisting those in need, particularly disaster victims. Some expected her to show up in the previous calamities that struck the country such as typhoons and earthquakes. However, she remained silent.

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