Aiko Melendez Open To Having A Child With Jay Khonghun

Aiko Melendez: “Looking at my two children, I can say that my genes are strong”

AIKO MELENDEZ – The actress said that that she’s open to the idea of having a child with her boyfriend, Zambales Representative Jay Khonghun.

Aiko Melendez
Photo: Aiko Melendez / Instagram

The actress has two children from her previous marriages – Andre Yllana is Aiko’s son with ex-husband Jomari Yllana, while Marthena is Aiko’s daughter with ex-husband Martin Jickain.

Despite being a working mom, the actress has managed to be hands-on with her children and to keep a close relationship with them.

Aiko is currently in a relationship with her boyfriend Zambales Representative Jay Khonghun. PUSH reported that Aiko and Jay have been together for a number of years already and the actress said that she’s open to the idea of having a child with him.

She also shared that she has been contemplating on freezing her eggs.

I’m at a point where I want to freeze my eggs,” the actress revealed. “Because, looking at my two children, I can say that my genes are strong.

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The actress clarified that she’s content with her relationship with Jay, with or without getting married. Not only does she feel happy with how she and her partner are as a couple, but Aiko Melendez is also happy with how Jay Khonghun is with her children.

I still want to get married, of course,” she said. “But I don’t want to be in a wedding gown at 50.

As for her ex-husband Jomari Yllana finding love the 2nd time around with Abby Viduya, the actress only has good wishes for the couple. Based on a report, Aiko’s only request is that Jomari makes sure that he doesn’t forget his responsibilities as a father to his children as he moves forward with his life.

Aiko and Jomari tied the knot in 2000 and the marriage was annulled four years after.

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