Xian Gaza Questions Wilbert Tolentino’s Source Of Income

Xian Gaza: “Saan ba talaga nanggagaling ang pera niya?”

XIAN GAZA — Social media personality Christian Albert Gaza recently released a video where he questioned Wilbert Tolentino’s source of income.

Xian Gaza

In a video posted on his Facebook account titled “ANG REBELASYON”, Xian claimed that he received last year an “intel” info about Wilbert’s source of income. He said that he was surprised when he knew about it, but he decided to keep it at that time and will share it in the future.

Xian went on to ask how can Wilbert afford to pay huge amount of money per content to social media influencers. He also asked about Wilbert’s source of income, as well as the income generated from Wilbert’s businesses.

He then claimed that the reason why Wilbert can afford to pay huge amount of money to social media influencers was because he’s the alleged “mastermind” of an online scam syndicate.

This guy na nagbabranding as ‘businessman’ at nagbabayad ng malalaking pera sa mga influencers. This guy is the head, a mastermind, a leader of a credit card fraud and online scam syndicate,” Xian claimed. “Kaya kong itaya yung pangalan ko 101% sa info, sa intel na ito.


He also claimed that he confirmed the “intel” info through an employee who was being hired and was assigned at a credit card fraud department. Xian then said that he would expose someone if that person appeared to be “very holy”.

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Following the video expose, Xian posted screenshots on his Facebook page where he received messages from those who allegedly worked for Wilbert Tolentino.

In a separate post on his social media account, Xian Gaza said that he will use all his money and connections.

I will use all my money and connections para makulong ang tao na ‘to,” he said. “Kalabanin niyo na ang lahat huwag lang ang mga kaibigan ko.

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