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Class Act Definition, Sentence Examples

CLASS ACT MEANING – Find out what class act really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

Class act is an example of an idiom. Understanding the root of this idiom begins with understanding the evolution of the word “class.”

The word “class” was first used to describe rank in a segregated society in the 17th century. With the addition of the words “upper,” “middle,” “lower,” and “working,” this usage of the word is still widespread in modern times.

Class Act Meaning 1


  • high-quality display or performance; additionally, the performer
  • (Sarcasm) To assert that someone is acting overenthusiastically.
  • one with a high level of talent, ability, or style.
  • a model way to carry out any given work.

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Here are examples of sentences that use class act:

  1. (Sarcasm) “The new guy is a real class act. We’ll see how long he can keep it up.”
  2. Josie received a well-deserved promotion after exhibiting class act knowledge of the industry.
  3. LeBron James has truly been a class act in basketball long before he entered the NBA.
  4. Kevin is a real class act on and off the soccer field.

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