Bettinna Carlos Pulls Prank On Husband On His Birthday

Bettinna Carlos: “Possibly the biggest prank this prankster has ever received in his entire lyf!”

BETTINNA CARLOS — The former “Idol sa Kusina” host recently took to social media to share that she pulled a prank on her husband Mikki Eduardo on his birthday.

Bettinna Carlos
Photo: Bettinna Carlos / Instagram

Bettinna shared the “possibly biggest prank” that her husband has ever experienced in his life. On Instagram, she shared a video showing herself inside a room with her loved ones while waiting for her husband to arrive.

As seen in the video posted on Bettinna’s social media account, her daughter Gummy can be heard calling her father outside in an alarming way. Once Gummy and her father entered the room, everyone shouted “surprise!” and sang the happy birthday song for Mikki.

Possibly the biggest prank this prankster has ever received in his entire lyf!” she wrote. “Best actress award goes to… Amanda Lucia Carlos Eduardo for her special role in: ‘Daddy Daddy Mummy slipped!’

In the comments section of the said post, Mikki expressed his gratitude to everyone and also admitted that he truly felt nervous at that time.

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Bettinna also shared a sweet message for her husband to mark her special day, as seen in her separate post on Instagram.

Sharing photos of her husband on her social media account, she thanked Mikki for “constantly striving to make marriage a beautiful and blessed thing” and for giving their family the best life he could provide.

Bettinna Carlos and Mikki Eduardo, who got married last December 2020, are currently expecting their first child. Amanda Lucia “Gummy” Carlos is the child of Bettinna from a previous relationship.

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