Bettinna Carlos Pregnant Months After Suffering From Miscarriage

Bettinna Carlos: “I got a pregnancy test kit just to check if it’s safe to consume alcohol [then] biglang nag-positive.”

BETTINNA CARLOS — The celebrity mom recently announced that she is pregnant with her second child. Her announcement came four months after she revealed that she had suffered from a miscarriage.

Bettinna Carlos
Thumbnail from Bettinna Carlos YouTube video

Bettinna revealed in her latest vlog that she is 12 weeks into her pregnancy. Also in the said vlog, the actress-host narrated how she knew that she was pregnant last April.

According to her, she got a pregnancy test kit just to check if it was safe for her to consume alcohol and then the result turned out “positive”.

We were leaving for a friend’s anniversary taco Tuesday celebration. Because it’s tacos, I said, ‘Oh, sarap nitong i-terno with beer,’ but then naisip ko, randomly, to check,” she shared. “I got a pregnancy test kit just to check if it’s safe to consume alcohol [then] biglang nag-positive.

Bettinna still had doubts on the pregnancy test result at first because the 2nd line of the test was blurry. She then took 3 more pregnancy tests which all showed the same “positive” result.

The actress-host admitted that she’s “holding off her excitement” even with the “positive” pregnancy test results as she just came from a miscarriage. To recall, she announced last February that she had a miscarriage while expressing her hope for fellow mothers who also lost their babies to “find peace”.

Bettinna Carlos also said that her pregnancy is unexpected because she and her non-showbiz husband, Mikki Eduardo, were not “actively trying” to get pregnant.

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Prior to Bettinna’s announcement, her non-showbiz husband took to social media to share an ultrasound image of their second baby and thank those who congratulated them.

Meanwhile, Bettinna took to Instagram to greet her husband on Father’s Day.

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