Are Dogs Allowed To Eat Peanut Butter? A good read for pet owners

ARE DOGS ALLOWED TO EAT PEANUT BUTTER – Here is a good read for pet owners with regards to the safety or unsafety of peanut butter for dogs.

Have you caught your dog looking at you while you were enjoying your favorite peanut butter sandwich? On the other way, you were also caught by your fur baby. However, before deciding to give some of it or just find another food for your dog, it is best to know the effects of giving peanut butter to your dogs first through this article.

Is Peanut Butter Safe for Dogs?

Wondering Is Peanut Butter Safe for Dogs? Here’s the Answer

IS PEANUT BUTTER SAFE FOR DOGS – Are you sometimes tempted to give your dogs a slice of your peanut butter sandwich?

Usually, dog owners are caught in the scenario of wondering whether a food that their dog wants to have is good for it or not. Have you also experienced looking at those pitiful eyes while you were about to bite your sandwich?

Surely, most people have experienced it. A lot of dogs are really into eating and are even treats-motivated. That is the reason why many dog owners prefer using food or treats as a motivation in training dogs.

However, giving human food to your dogs is something you must be very careful about as a dog owner. Not all foods that humans can eat without any risk is also risk-free for dogs.

Is Peanut Butter Safe for Dogs

One of the foods that many dog owners are usually confused whether it is good for dogs or not is peanut butter. Is peanut butter safe for dogs?

Dogs can eat peanut butter provided that, based on Blue Cross, the spread has not xylitol content. It is toxic for dogs and can actually be fatal and there are peanut butter brands which has it.

The said content is not really very bad for humans. It is used in peanut butter as an artificial sweetener. Also, based on the article, it is not advisable for dogs which are overweight, have kidney problems, or on a special diet to be given peanut butter.

If your dog is not obese, has healthy kidneys, and is on a regular diet and you wanted your furbaby to have some peanut butter, do not go beyond 1/2 teaspoon daily for small dogs and one (2) teaspoons daily as the maximum amount for medium and large dogs.

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