Mariano G. and Girlfriend Cindy React to Negative Comments About Their Relationship

What do Mariano G. and Cindy have to say on negative comments about them?

MARIANO G. and CINDY – The social media couple reacted to the negative comments about them and their relationship.

Mariano G and Cindy
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Mariano G. whose real name is Mariano Lingay is a vlogger who hails from Mabalacat, Pampanga. He is third among his six other siblings. He really loves to sing. In fact, he once joined Street Karaoke Challenge.

Although he did not win the singing competition, it became a stepping stone for other opportunities. A talent agency offered him to become an on-cam star through vlogging series. He was then paired with Angel from Porac, Pampanga.

Eventually, SY Talent Entertainment paired him with Cindy. However, there were issues that take over between them. Then, he left the agency saying that what they have shown to their subscribers in their collaborations was all scripted.

The couple left the agency and started their own channel. Now, they are living together under the same roof and still continue to make vlogs. His channel has over 300k subscribers as of posting.

It was just recently when the couple appeared on a news program.

However, after appearing on a news program, the couple generated massive comments from the netizens.

Some of the comments are personal particularly on Mariano G. while others are about their relationship.

One of the comments is that Cindy was just after the money of Mariano G.

According to him, he doesn’t have lots of money and what he possesses is his love and respect for other people.

Watch the video below:

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