JOVELYN GALLENO CASE – Tarot Card Reader on Alleged Remains of Missing Lady: “Uunahan ko na ang DNA result”

Tarot Card Reader claim remains found in Palawan belong to Jovelyn Galleno

JOVELYN GALLENO – A tarot card reader gave a “reading” on the remains found in Palawan which are believed to be the missing lady.

Jovelyn Galleno
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

It was just recently when the alleged remains of Galleno, the woman who went missing in Palawan after entering Robinsons Mall, were found.

The alleged remains of Galleno were found in Purok Pulang Lupa Bgy. Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa. Her mother verified that the identification cards found at the crime scene belongs to the victim.

But some netizens suggest having DNA testing to confirm the remains found were of Galleno.

A lot of experts including Doc. Eunice Herrera, a medicolegal officer of Puerto Princesa, shared their opinion about the matter.

According to her, body decomposition may take a lot of time and process given the weather condition and other factors.

Another expert also gave her opinion about the said remains which belong to Galleno.

In a Facebook post, Dr. Fi Atencio of the City Health Department shared in detail the stages of decomposition before the corpse ends up being a skeleton.

Meanwhile, Ilu Sion, a tarot card reader, gave a reading on the latest update about the case of Galleno.

According to the tarot card reader, “the empress confirm na si Jovelyn nga ang kalansay na natagpuan. The magician in reversed suggest na walang trickery na nangyari sa paglantad ng mga pinsan ni jovelyn at sa evidence na bungo. Five of swords means pinatay ng brutal, na naka-align sa sinabi ng mga pinsan ni jovelyn, na sinaksak daw nila ito.”

Six of cups in reversed tell us to move on from the past—could mean case closed na nga. Three of swords means heartbreak, knowing na si Jovelyn nga ang nagtapuan na kalansay,” the tarot card reader added.

In a disclaimer, Ilu Sion said that his reading about Galleno might be wrong.

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