JOVELYN GALLENO CASE – Family of Missing Lady File Charges Against Suspects

Latest Update on the Case of Jovelyn Galleno

JOVELYN GALLENO CASE – The family of the lady from Palawan who went missing last August 5 has filed charges against the two suspects following the release of the DNA result.

Jovelyn Galleno suspects
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On August 30, 2022, the mother of Jovelyn Galleno went to Princesa Prosecutor’s Office to file charges against the suspects identified as Leobert Dasmariñas at Jovert Valdestamon; the two were cousins of Jovelyn.

It can be recalled that it was just recently when Dasmariñas admitted that he and Valdestamon planned to abduct Jovelyn last August 5 and take advantage of their cousin.

Dasmariñas was the one who told where her remains can be found, in which some personal belongings of the lady victim as well as her identification cards were also retrieved.

After a week, it was discovered through DNA examination that the skeletons found earlier in Palawan were Jovelyn.

The skeletons match the samples of Jovelyn’s mom in the DNA testing, the result was 99.9%.

But according to Jonalyn Galleno, one of the siblings of Jovelyn, Dasmariñas told her that the skeletons found were not of the lady victim.

Despite the result turning out to be positive, it’s still a mystery how come the body of Jovelyn turned into bones although she was only missing for two to three weeks.

According to some experts, it is possible that the remains of Jovelyn were eaten by animals.

Meanwhile, the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) is conducting a parallel investigation on the case of Jovelyn Galleno.

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  1. Me too like jovelyns sibling does not believe the DNA results. Itoy palaisipan, imagine 2-3weeks palang, agad naging buto. Kailangan talaga na may ibang mag iimbestiga dito.


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