FORDA and FERSON – Meaning and Origin

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Here’s the meaning and origin of forda and ferson

FORDA and FERSON – Find out what is the meaning of these words and how these two lingo terms started.

forda and ferson
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A lot of people have been using these terms on social media in the past few weeks.

They used forda and ferson to make a comment about something or certain situations.

Many were confused by these terms, others find it cringy, especially if one doesn’t have an idea about its context.

Forda is simply the shorthand for “for the” while ferson means “person.”

In other words, it refers to someone who is into a certain thing or those who are classifying themselves as that type of person.

For instance, you might call someone tired “forda pagoda ang ferson.”

But the question is, where did these terms even come from?

According to, it started via the video-sharing platform, TikTok through TikTok user Chrishanna Luisa Olavidez Austria.

This was after she posted on the said platform a video of herself after drinking.

The candid video of her has taken the internet by storm.

Watch the clip in the video provided below:



♬ original sound – Forda Ferson – IG: _FordaFerson

As of posting, the video has generated more than 21 million views and the TikTok user has reached over 1 million followers on the said platform.

Apparently, this is not the first time that Chrishanna used the terms. It can be deduced that she has been using it since March 2022.

Currently, the forda and ferson are being used by netizens, not just as memes but also as an expression on social media.

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