Can Dogs Eat Rosemary Herb?

Are you Wondering Can Dogs Eat Rosemary Herb? – Here’s A Guide

CAN DOGS EAT ROSEMARY HERB – The rosemary herb is known to be healthy for humans but does it have a similar effect on dogs?

Dogs are loved by a lot of people over other animals because of their loyalty and the unique bond that they can form with people. Most dogs are visibly loving and protective of their “hoomans”. While they may be scary towards strangers, they can be like lap babies to their “hoomans”.

Most households across the globe have at least one dog. They are part of the household budget – their dog food, vitamins, shampoo, pet powder, treats, and a lot more. They even consume some of the foods intended for the human members of the family – that is how loved they are.

However, on the other side of owning a dog lies a huge responsibility, too. Not all human foods are safe for them and there are a lot of things in the house that may be risky for them.

Can Dogs Eat Rosemary Herb
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For example, the garden. Due to curiosity or sometimes their over-flowing energy, dogs may react differently to the plants in your garden. While others won’t mind them at all, some dogs may pick the plants and even eat them.

Some plants may not be good for your dogs. Let us talk about a certain herb – the rosemary. It is known to be healthy for humans. Can dogs eat rosemary herb?

Rosemary is one of the most popular herbs and several individuals love adding it fresh to their foods and drinks. Can dogs eat rosemary? Based on an article on Master Class, this herb is healthy for dogs provided that it is given in small amounts.

You can give your dog a teaspoon of the rosemary or have it as a treat. You can add it to their food or water and it can be diced up dried or fresh. However, make sure that you are not giving your dog a lot as it may result in indigestion and an upset stomach.

With regards to rosemary oil, it can irritate your dog’s skin when applied directly. You can add it to water or spray it on the collar of your dog to prevent fleas.

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