BSP Warns Public vs Smishing Scams Anew

BSP warned the public anew against smishing scams.

BSP — The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas recently warned the public anew against smishing or SMS phishing scams.

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In an advidory on Tuesday, the central bank warned against links being sent via text messages as those could automatically download malware and/or redirect to sites that collect information which could be used for fraud.

The central bank advised the public to carefully scrutinize text messages, to refrain from clicking links even if those appear to be coming from electronic money issuers, banks, or known companies or brands, and to protect personal information.

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Also, the central bank reiterated that legitimate financial institutions will not ask for account credentials and personal details from their customers via text messages or by sending links to websites.

While these websites may seem legitimate, fraudulent sites often have errors in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar,” the central bank said. “Banks, e-money issuers, and legitimate companies exert extra effort to maintain professional websites without such errors.

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Local telecommunications companies said last July that they have blocked millions of smishing messages so far this year.

Meanwhile, PLDT warned the public, especially mobile phone users, against quishing or phishing scams using QR codes urging users to scan and open malicious links and also reminded them to be vigilant.

When victims enter their personal data on the fake website, the hackers will immediately capture them and use the information to take control of their various accounts including their digital wallets,” PLDT and Smart FVP and Chief Information and Security Officer Angel Redoble said last July.

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