Sacred Cow Meaning & Sentence Examples

Sacred Cow Definition, Sentence Examples

SACRED COW MEANING – Find out what sacred cow really means. Example sentences of this idiomatic expression can also be found here.

The term “sacred cow” is an example of an idiom. A common expression in standard English to convey a certain idea or perspective is called an idiom. Because they have a meaning that differs from the literal meanings of the individual words themselves, understanding English idioms is essential.

One of the biggest obstacles is comprehending idioms and anything with an idiomatic connotation, thus studying and teaching idioms is just as crucial as knowing and instructing other aspects of the English language.


The phrase “sacred cow” comes from the Hindu belief that cows are sacred animals that shouldn’t be mistreated. The respect for cows in the traditionally Hindu community stems from the hesitancy to harm an animal whose milk humans consume after being weaned off the mother’s milk.

Meaning of sacred cow:

  • something that is unquestioningly accepted as true or something that people believe.
  • being overly tolerant of disagreement or criticism.
  • a concept, tradition, or institution that is untouchable.
  • anything that people are reluctant to challenge.
  • a taboo topic.
  • something that many believe is unworthy of alteration, doubt, or criticism.
  • something that is untouchable and unaffected in any way.

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Here are examples of sentences that use sacred cow:

  • The reporter esteemed too many sacred cows.
  • Some journalists respected too many sacred cows.
  • The old government program has become a sacred cow.

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