Money In Tagalog – Translate “Money” In Tagalog

What Is “Money” In Tagalog? (Answers)

MONEY IN TAGALOG – This article will teach you about the Tagalog translation of the word “money” based on the context of the sentence.

There are several Filipino words that don’t have a direct translation in English, that’s why we need context in order to fully translate them.

Money In Tagalog

What is “Money”?

“Money” is an English term that refers to a medium of exchange in the form of banknotes and coins.

What is “Money” in Tagalog?

“Money” can be directly translated as “pera”. The use of this word, however, may depend on the context of the sentence.

Here are some example sentences:

  1. This person anonymously donated a large sum of money to the non-government organization.
  2. Bob shouldn’t have accused Ben of stealing the money.
  3. Ana is trying to save as much money as she can.
  4. Bea has less money than her sister does.

In Tagalog, these sentences could be translated as:

  1. Ang taong ito ay hindi nagpapakilalang nagbigay ng malaking halaga ng pera sa isang non-government organization.
  2. Hindi dapat inakusahan ni Bob si Ben na nagnakaw ng pera.
  3. Sinisikap ni Ana na makatipid ng maraming pera hangga’t kaya niya.
  4. Mas kaunti ang pera ni Bea kaysa sa ate niya.

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