Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat and Fish? Here’s What You Must Know…

Are you wondering can dogs eat raw meat and fish? – The Answer to Your Quest

CAN DOGS EAT RAW MEAT & FISH – Here is a guide on whether or not it is safe to give your dogs raw meat and fish.

Many people are dog lovers. In fact, most households have at least one dog that is not treated as a pet but as a member of the family. Their needs, security, and health are considered as much as every human member of the family.

In dog-loving households, there is really a budget intended to buy the needs of the dog or dogs at home. These includes their dog food, vitamins, pet powders, shampoo, ear cleansers, and a lot more.

However, even if there is already a good stock of the dog food, it is quite hard to resist not giving your dogs a taste of some human foods from time to time. This happens most especially when you are dealing with their puppy eyes that are really irresistible.

Can Dogs Eat Raw Meat and Fish

In some cases, dog owners really add some human foods as part of the diet of their dogs. Are you wondering can dogs eat raw meat and fish like what is fed by other people to their fur parents?

The answer to the question “Can dogs eat raw meat and fish?” is no. Based on an article on Web MD, there is danger in giving your dogs uncooked meat and fish like the risk of “fish disease” and “salmon poisoning disease”.

Based on the article, both raw meat and fish can cause food poisoning to your dogs and fishes like trout, shad, and salmon may carry with them parasites that can cause disease to your dogs. It is best to cook them first before giving them to your fur babies for their safety.

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