Can Dogs Eat Avocado?

Wondering Can Dogs Eat Avocado? Here’s What You Should Know

CAN DOGS EAT AVOCADO – Are you wondering if giving your dog a part of the avocado fruit that you are eating will harm him or not?

Most households across the nation have at least one dog. Many people are dog lovers and they consider dogs not just as pets but as family members. They are part of the monthly household budget.

Responsible dog owners see to it that they buy their fur babies dog food, shampoo, treats, and vitamins. They also make sure that the surroundings of the dogs are clean and safe for them. They also visit the veterinary clinic regularly for a check-up.

Also a part of responsible dog ownership is knowing the foods that are good and bad for your dog. There are foods that cause no harm to humans but they may not be good for dogs – like some fruits.

Can Dogs Eat Avocado

Can dogs eat avocado? The avocado fruit is undeniably one of the favorite food of many people. Have you also experienced eating avocados and your dog gave you that look that you could not resist?

No matter how pitiful the look seems to be, it is not best to give your dog avocados so if you are wondering can dogs eat avocado, the answer is no. Based on an article on American Kennel Club, this fruit contains persin which is harmful to dogs.

According to the article, persin is poisonous to dogs and it is present in the avocado fruit, leaves, pits, and the actual plant. There is a small amount of this substance on the avocado flesh but it remains unclear the amount of persin that is poisonous to dogs. However, the flesh may be high in fat which can lead to gastrointestinal problems in dogs or pancreatitis.

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