Bianca Gonzalez Speaks On PBBM’s First SONA

Bianca Gonzalez: “That was a good SONA for PBBM”

BIANCA GONZALEZ — Here’s what the TV host said after hearing the first State of the Nation Address (SONA) of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr.

Bianca Gonzalez
Photo: Bianca Gonzalez / Instagram

To recall, the President delivered a State of the Nation Address that laid out his plans for the country for the six years. His first State of the Nation Address was 1hour and 14 minutes long.

The President discussed the government’s agenda on economic recovery, coronavirus pandemic response, resumption of face-to-face classes, as well as the legislative priorities for the current administration.

The President’s notably most applauded statements in his speech were about not surrendering even a square inch of the Philippine territory and bringing the much-needed health facilities beyond Manila.

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Despite that she voted for a different presidential bet during the recently-concluded May 2022 elections, Bianca said in a tweet that President Bongbong Marcos’ speech was “good”.

The TV host added she’s hoping that the current administration would deliver on the promises made by the President. She noted that the success of the current administration would mean the success of the nation.

In a separate tweet, Bianca stressed that it’s the President’s speech that was good and that “they have to put in the work”. The TV host also encouraged the public to remain vigilant.

Bianca also admitted in a separate tweet that like many others, she also wanted to “not care about politics anymore” after the former Vice President lost in May.

To recall, Bianca openly supported the candidacy of Robredo, who came in second to Marcos, during the campaign season.

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