Remember the Woman Who Donated her Kidney to Dying BF But Cheated on? Here’s an Update about her

Here’s an update about the woman who donated her kidney to her dying boyfriend but cheated on her

COLLEEN LE – The US-based Vietnamese who donated her kidney to her dying boyfriend but end up being cheated on gave an update about her love life.

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It was during the height of the pandemic when Colleen, 30, shared her story on the video-sharing platform, TikTok.

It became viral garnering millions of views. She was even interviewed by renowned online and media outlets in the US.

In the said video, Colleen shared how her boyfriend cheated on her, seven months after his kidney transplant as well as how the guy broke up with her thru a phone call.

Months later, how was she after her story became viral?

Colleen is now based in the US. She works as an account coordinator of a fire alarm company.

When asked if her ex-boyfriend apologized to her after her viral story, she said: “Nope. I didn’t really expect him to, anyways.”

According to her, she did not expect that many would relate and talk about her story.

There were netizens who reached out to her, lauding her bravery in donating her kidney to her ex-boyfriend, who in the end cheated on her.

She learned from her past relationship that some people will be with you for the wrong reasons and will take advantage of you.

In spite of her tragic experience, Colleen remained positive in life which is why she has found the one whom she can share her love with.

Colleen said that her current boyfriend accepted her past and is supportive on her venture as a social media influencer.

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