Manny Pacquiao “Excited” To Launch Own NFT Collection

Manny Pacquiao: “I am excited to unveil the first NFT of my ‘Pacman the Jack Russell’ collection.”

MANNY PACQUIAO — The senator recently took to social media to share that he was excited to reveal his first NFT collection.

Manny Pacquiao

To recall, Pacquiao entered the cryptocurrency space as early as March 2018 after he was announced as the celebrity ambassador for Global Crypto Offering Exchange (GCOX).

The senator announced the launching of his cryptocurrency called “PAC Token” in April 2018 and the coin was officially launched in September 2019 after a free concert in Manila.

Last December 2020, the senator announced his new payment platform “PacPay” which aims to offer safer and more convenient financial transactions for global influencers and supporters globally.

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The senator shared one of the preview photos from his upcoming NFT collection on his Instagram account on Friday, saying that he’s “excited” to reveal his own NFT collection.

I am excited to unveil the first NFT of my ‘Pacman the Jack Russell’ collection,” the senator said in the caption of his Instagram post along with the hashtag #Pacmanthejackrusselseries.

The senator’s own NFT collection is a tribute to his beloved dog, Pacman.

How it started?

Onix, a co-founder of “Pacman the Jack Russell” NFT collection, shared a story about the senator’s adopted dog as well as the senator’s reaction to the proposed project.

According to Onix, the senator adopted a dog in 2014 and named his dog “Pacman”. Pacquiao’s dog died in 2020 after a sudden freak accident.

Manny (Pacquiao) mourned his loss ever since. Not a day goes by without Manny mentioning the life and light of his late Jack Russell Terrier…” Onix said, as posted on the website and on its Discord server.

Manny Pacquiao and his dog
Photo source: AsiaOne

Onix also shared that he and the senator were sitting in a cafe and introduced him to the idea of the blockchain and “all the wonderful things the technology can bring”.

While explaining the technical details of the blockchain, Onix started to see Pacquiao’s face suddenly start to glow ecstatically as if he had been struck by some life-changing epiphany.

‘Does that mean… Pacman can be forever?’, he (Pacquiao) stuttered with excitement. And so it came to be!” Onix said.

According to a post on its Discord server, the “Pacman the Jack Russell” NFT collection will go live on June 15. You can visit the official website of Pacquiao’s NFT collection here.

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