Man Seeks Divorce After Learning He is Not the Real Dad of Wife’s 3 Kids

Chinese Man Wants Divorce After Learning He is Not the Real Dad of Wife’s 3 Children

A 45-year-old Chinese man seeks divorce after learning that he is not the real father of his wife’s three children.

A middle-aged man identified as “Chen” is in a long-distance relationship with his wife because of his work. The man who is working away from home to support their family noticed that his wife starts to dodge his calls.

The husband start to smell something fishy and tracked down his wife using a phone GPS because she was too far to confront his partner. He discovered that his wife is checking in a hotel with another man.


Chen has decided to take a paternity test and find out that he is not the biological father of their youngest daughter and decided to forgive his wife to maintain their family intact.

Eventually, the latter decided to take more paternity test and the result show that he was not the biological father of their two other children. His wife has gone and tried to avoid communicating with him.

The frustrated guy took his disappointment to media to locate his missing partner. He also expressed his frustration to what he has discovered. “I’ve been married for 16 years and none of the three are my children,”Chen said.


The wife also released a statement and ask her husband to empathize with their current situation.

“I don’t think I cheated on him. Is biological paternity really important? Couples who are sterile adopt kids all the time, Please try to empathize with me. The three children called him ‘dad’ for many years, but now he says the daughters are not his own. What is the difference between him and an animal?” the wife said.

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