Man Captured Smoking Beside LPG Tanks; Photo Elicits Comments

Viral photo of a man smoking beside LPG tanks

NO SMOKING WITHIN 50 FEET – A man was captured while smoking inside a truck beside LPG tanks.

smoking beside lpg
Photo credit to the owner

Liquefied petroleum gas or LPG is a fuel gas made of petrol that contains a flammable mixture of hydrocarbon gases, most commonly propane, butane, and propylene.

It is used as a fuel gas in heating appliances, cooking equipment, etc.

Apparently, some components of an LPG are classified as highly flammable. It might explode when it catches fire. That’s why they should be stored in places where they could not easily catch fire.

In fact, it is prohibited to do smoking near the tanks.

However, an unidentified man defied death by smoking while being surrounded by LPG tanks.

He was onboard a canter truck alongside his colleague.

In the photo, the man can be seen holding what appears to be a cigarette.

The photo was first posted on social media by the Facebook page, Visor.

It has gone viral garnering reactions from the netizens.

Here are the comments of some netizens:

It can be read on the truck that smoking is not allowed within 50 feet.

According to a netizen, empty tanks are still dangerous unless properly purge.

Another netizen claimed: “Hindi po basta basta sasabog yan wala pong nasisimot na tank gasul at medyo open pa po ang area nila hindi po kulob ang lumang tangke kapag nag ka apoy at nasimot dun po sasabog ang bagong tangki mas safe mas maraming laman at may cap po yon.”

What can you say about this report? Do you think a cigarette can ignite an LPG? Share your thoughts or insights in the comment section below.

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