Dimples Romana Shares Plans After Giving Birth To Third Baby

Dimples Romana: “Kahit gusto ko sabihin na magpapahinga ako ay magsisinungaling po ako sa inyo kapag sinabi ko ‘yan.”

DIMPLES ROMANA — The actress has opened up about her plans after giving birth to her third child, baby “Elio”.

Dimples Romana
Photo: Dimples Romana / Instagram

During the digital conference at the launch of her latest endorsement last June 15, Dimples told ABS-CBN News that she will have a few weeks to recover and to be with her baby who is expected to arrive next month before she continues to work again.

She explained that she has to provide for her family, especially her children, even if she wanted to take a break.

Kahit gusto ko sabihin na magpapahinga ako ay magsisinungaling po ako sa inyo kapag sinabi ko ‘yan,” she said. “Kasi marami tayong responsibilid sa buhay. Lalong-lalo na si Ate Callie is in Australia studying aviation. So magpipiloto po ang panganay ko.

According to her, her responsibilities as a mother are divided into three and having to wear different kinds of hats as a mother was one of the most excruciating sacrifices she will have to do if she has more than one child.

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She also shared that sending her child to study abroad is not a cheap endeavor, adding that she’s grateful that she can provide for the needs of her children.

I guess I will be resting for a few weeks to recover and also to be with baby Elio, but in the same manner, we also have to get back to work and make sure that our family will be provided for,” she said.

It was last Tuesday when she and her non-showbiz husband, Boyet Ahmee, exchanged words for each other to mark their 19th anniversary as amarried couple.

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