Xian Gaza Reunites with Son After 5 Years

Reunion of Xian Gaza and his son

XIAN GAZA – The so-called social media influencer reunited with his son after five (5) long years.

Xian Gaza
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Gaza has been known for his series of claims and pronouncements against well-known celebrities.

Aside from his exposé on social media, he is also prominent for his extravagant date proposals to celebrities.

In fact, he once bought a car as a gift to his TikTIn fact, he once bought a car as a gift to his TikTok crush, Yukii Takahashi and his most popular stint to date is when he asked Blackpink member Jennie for a date via a billboard poster.

Recently, Xian Gaza took to social media wherein he posted some snaps and video of himself during his reunion with his son.

The so-called social media influencer got reunited with his son after 5 long years.

His post was then flooded with reactions.

A lot of netizens expressed their happiness to Xian that after 5 long years, he was able to meet anew his son.

Apparently, he did not disclose the name, age, and even the mother of his child.

It can be deduced that their reunion took place in the United Arab Emirates.

Here are the comments of some netizens:

Meanwhile, Xian Gaza came from a recent trip to Europe. According to him, he was able to visit more or less 23 countries on his European trip.

He shared that he spent as much as 1.6 million pesos on his trip which last for 37 days.

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