President Duterte Hopes Next Admin Will Look Into Use Of Nuclear Power

President Duterte: “I hope that the next administration would at least explore now the possibility of itong nuclear…”

PRESIDENT RODRIGO DUTERTE — The President urged the incoming administration to look into the use of nuclear energy as the country’s possible energy source amidst the continuing rise in fuel prices because of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

President Duterte
Photo: PCOO

In his taped “Talk to the People” public briefing aired on Monday night, May 23, the President hoped the next administration would explore the possibility of nuclear energy.

You know oil is not infinite, may katapusan ‘yan. Someday it will dry up,” the President said. “It would be good for any government to prepare for the possibility of making transition earlier from oil – ‘yung fossil fuel — to nuclear kasi nuclear is forever. Kaya lang medyo delikado ito.

The President is referring to the 620-megawatt nuclear power plant in Bataan province established under the administration of late President Ferdinand Marcos Sr.

Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is seen to succeed President Duterte and win the 2022 presidential race.

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The President admitted that he doesn’t have the answer to solve the skyrocketing prices of petroleum products, saying that there will be no “new normal” if the Ukraine-Russia war will not end.

While he reiterated being a friend to Russian President Vladimir Putin, President Duterte advised his “friend” to rein in his soldiers as he has an obligation that no civilian would be killed or hurt in the armed conflict.

I am not condemning President Putin. I am just sharing my sentiment which is also the sentiment of every human being na nandito sa kuwartong ito na it’s not the way how to fight a war.” the President said.

Earlier, the President asked Filipinos to “pray” the raging military conflict will not lead to nuclear war. The President also warned that China might attack Taiwan and the Philippines if it further escalates because of the presence of US forces in the country.

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