MRT-3 Now Allows Pets Inside the Train under these Conditions

MRT-2 Announces Good News for Pet Dog, Cat Owners

MRT-3 – The management of the mass transit 3 now allows domesticated pets such as dogs and cats inside the train under certain conditions.

In the Philippines, a lot of people are pet lovers. Most of these pets are domesticated dogs and cats that come in various breeds. Most Filipino households have at least one cat or a dog which are also treated as a member of the family.

For dog and cat lovers, they don’t even address their fur as pets rather as “fur babies”. They are also known as “fur parents”. However, fur parents also have their own struggles apart from making sure that their dogs and cats stay healthy, are comfortable in their place, and have all their needs. One of the struggles is traveling for those who don’t own a private car.

It is easy to find a cab or a tricycle that allows pets but not trains. Meanwhile, recently, there good news for dog and cat parents – the MRT-3 now allows pets provided that they comply with the conditions set.

Photo Credit: PNA

Based on a report on ABS-CBN News, the management of MRT-3 announced that domesticated dogs and cats are now allowed inside the train under the following conditions:

  • The pet must be wearing a diaper.
  • The dog or cat must be enclosed in a pet carrier with a size not over 2 feet by 2 feet.
  • The pets are not allowed to eat during the travel.
  • The pets are also not allowed to occupy the seats intended for other passengers.
  • Only one (1) pet is allowed per passenger.
  • The fur parent must fill up a waiver stating that MRT-3 has no responsibilities in case the pet will be hurt or lost while aboard the train.

Based on the report, the pets are also covered by the “Libre Sakay Program” which is offered until May 31.

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