Madam Inutz 1st Brand New Car Wrecked Due to an Accident

The first brand new car of Madam Inutz was wrecked after an accident

MADAM INUTZ – The car of the famous online seller-turned-former Pinoy Big Brother season 10 celebrity housemate was wrecked due to an accident.

Madam Inutz
Credit to the rightful owner of the photos

Madam Inutz whose real name is Daisy Lopez Cabantog became popular on social media particularly on Facebook with her unique way of selling products via her page, “Daisy_licious Ukay.”

On her live FB video, Madam Inutz sells clothes including shirts, blouses, jeans, pants, and other products.

Thousands are watching her live selling, however, none is buying her products. One of her first videos even reached more than 2 million views thanks to her funny and entertaining punchlines.

The online seller also caught the attention of the social media users for cursing amid her live selling, which is quite different and unusual compared to other online sellers who were making sweet words to convince their customers.

It was just last month when she happily shared that she brought her first ever brand new car.

But in her latest post, she shared that her car was damaged after being involved in an accident.

Based on her post, it can be deduced that the accident happened between them and a drunk driver.

She also warned the public not to drive if under the influence of alcohol.

Fortunately, she and her family were safe when the accident transpired.

Her post was flooded with reactions and among those who commented were some of her closest friends such as Herlene “Hipon” Budol, her manager Wilbert Tolentino and Mary Letim Ponce.

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