Kamote Rider Apprehends & Slams Car Driver Who Confronted Him for Illegal Parking

Video of Kamote Rider Criticizing Car Driver Who Confronted Him for Illegal Parking Goes Viral

A kamote rider apprehended and lambasted the car driver who confronted him for illegal parking in the mall’s vicinity.

Nowadays, road rage incident is one of the most common problems happening in various countries all around the world. It usually causes trouble to involved individuals and results in traffic congestion along the road.

The authorities also advised the public to observe maximum tolerance and extend their patience while driving to avoid further troubles.

Kamote Rider

The Facebook page DashCam Philippines has shared the video footage of an exchange of heated arguments between a motorcycle rider and a car driver. The video goes viral and elicits comments from the online community.

In the video, the car driver is slowly driving in a mall’s vicinity when a rider illegally parked his motorcycle at a “No Parking/Waiting” zone. The driver approached him and told him that parking or waiting in the area is prohibited.

The motorcycle rider is causing traffic congestion in the area but still fails to realize it. The vehicle driver decided to leave and head towards its point of destination but the kamote rider chased him.

The reckless motorist blocked and apprehended him after the small confrontation. The two have an exchange of heated arguments due to the traffic altercation. The rider even challenged the driver into a fistfight.

However, the driver remained calm and did not open the car window to avoid further trouble. After a few moments, the rider leaves but raised a dirty finger against him.

The video has a caption:

“Tara pasikatin naten to para umiyak sa balita pag tinanggalan ng lisensya”

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