Couple Experiences Trouble at Parking Lot During Encounter w/ Unaware Driver

Video of Couple Involved in Altercation at Parking Lot Goes Viral

A certain couple have experienced a trouble at a parking lot of mall during their encounter with an unaware driver.

Nowadays, a lot of malls and other business establishments were offering parking space for their valued customers and clients. Owning a parking lot can also attract more customers who own vehicles.

Unfortunately, business establishments could not accommodate all vehicles because of limited parking space. Management usually impose first-come-first-serve basis to avoid conflict among customers.

Unaware Driver

However, there are some instances wherein some customers were having an altercation due to misunderstandings in parking spaces.

The Facebook page “VISOR” has shared the video footage of a couple who experience a traffic altercation at a mall’s parking lot during their encounter with an unaware driver. The video garnered various reactions from the online community.

In the video, the couple entered the parking lot of a certain shopping mall after the security guards give them a “Go” signal. Everything seems to be fine until something unexpected happened.

A white vehicle counter flowed at the parking lot’s entrance. The lady driver is supposed to leave the establishment and mistakenly took the entrance instead of the exit. The incident causes an altercation between the two camps.

The security guards intervened and told the lady driver to go up and head to the exit. Unfortunately, the lady driver has been left stuck in the parking lot for failing to drive in reverse.

The male driver expressed his fury towards the other motorist. The couple has called the guards for assistance.

The video has a caption:

“Good morning, guys. Be careful of those who are not aware of the right parking exit. ”

Here are some of the comments:

Unaware Driver

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