Bea Alonzo Buys Apartment In Spain

Bea Alonzo bought an apartment in Madrid, Spain.

BEA ALONZO — The actress-vlogger recently revealed that she bought herself an apartment in Madrid, Spain.

Bea Alonzo
Photo: Bea Alonzo / Instagram

Bea shared the milestone through a YouTube vlog, saying that she has always dreamt of having her own home in Europe for her family.

Finally, it happened! After many years of hard work, and weighing things whether I should buy or not, I have decided to just take a leap and do it,” she wrote in the description of her YouTube vlog titled “APARTMENT HUNTING IN MADRID”.

According to her, her space should be in a good location, with 2-3 bedrooms, an elevator, a lot of windows, and a heating and cooling system. Throughout the vlog, she showed all 6 apartments that she considered.

In the end, she revealed that she bought the one located in Chamberi. According to her, she could also already envision herself bringing the Chamberí apartment come to life with an interior designer.

Bea flew to Madrid in March and did her apartment hunting for 4 days. Apart from looking for her future home, Bea also went on a yummy food crawl.

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In her 100th vlog entry, she revealed that the reason she went to Spain was actually not for work but to look for a place where she and her family could stay when they go there.

The actress also said that she learned about Spain’s Golden Visa after reading articles and talking to her godmother.

If you have a Golden Visa, instantly you will become a resident. Kung magwo-worry kayo kung magiging Spanish citizen na ako, nope,” Bea said.

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