Barangay Chairman Injured After Being Shot Outside his House in Malabon

Days after the national election, a barangay chairman sustained injuries when shot outside his house in Malabon

BARANGAY CHAIRMAN – The head of a village in Malabon City sustained injuries after being shot outside his house in Malabon City.

barangay chairman shooting incident
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Election-related violence is rampant in the Philippines, especially weeks or months before the poll period.

In 2019, at least 20 people were killed in 43 election-related violence that transpired in the country.

These incidents mostly involved shooting, mauling, and isolated cases of assault, stabbing, slapping, harassment, strafing, robbery, and illegal discharge of firearms.

Even after an election, there are numerous incidents involving politicians. One of which is a shooting incident that almost took the life of a barangay captain in the city of Malabon.

It was on Saturday morning, May 28, when Filemon Villanueva, 68, chairman of Barangay Tonsuya, Malabon City was shot by an unidentified perpetrator.

According to Malabon Chief of Police Colonel Albert Barot, the incident took place past 9 a.m. outside his house on C. Perez Street.

Apparently, the suspect immediately fled on a motorcycle.

The barangay chairman was taken to the hospital and is now recovering after sustaining gunshot wounds to the abdomen and leg.

Malabon Police are continuing their investigation in order to track down the identity of the suspect and identify his motive for the shooting.

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