Woman Faints & Falls Under Moving Train But Luckily Survived

Woman Luckily Survived After Fainting and Falling Under Moving Train

The heartbreaking video footage of a woman who fainted and fell under a moving train goes viral after it was posted online.

A woman named only as Candela lost her balance and fainted while waiting for the train to stop. Unfortunately, she tumbled off the platform at the Independence Station in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

In the video, the lady becomes unsteady with her movement and ended up falling towards the onrushing train. The woman suddenly disappeared down a gap between two carriages leaving the other passengers in shock.

Moving Train

The rescuers and other commuters immediately rescued the woman after the train stopped. Luckily, the woman was miraculously rescued alive after the tragic accident. The rescuers lied her down on the platform.

After a few moments, she has been transferred at a wheelchair and picked up by ambulance. Candela has been rushed to the Buenos Aires Hospital Dr Alberto Balestrini and just been able to see herself after she was discharged.

According to the female passenger, she lost her balance and fainted after suffering sudden drop in blood pressure.

Moving Train

“I suffered a sudden drop in blood pressure and fainted. I tried to warn the person in front of me but don’t remember anything else, even the moment I smashed into the train. I don’t know how I’m still alive. I’m still trying to make sense of it all,” Candela said.

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